Thursday, July 21, 2016

Darnit Darby!!!

Ok friends and family. Thank you for your concern for us and looking out as tropical Storm Darby is messing up our Mai Tai plans. Rest assured that we are taking precautions. The Pacific Cup staff has been in great communication with all boats and we are receiving regular weather updates. Currently Shadowside is slowing down. We have put double reef in the mainsail and shortened the jib. This will make us slow down and also ready us for any nasty squalls during the night that Darby is spitting our way. There will be more info on the Pac Cup website, but know that all boats are taking precautions and we will resume the race as soon as it is safe to do so. Shadowside might be the ONLY full keeled battle ax of a bat in the entire fleet. All of the reasons we are the slowest boat in the race, also make us the safest in storm conditions. Everyone on board has sailed and trained for storms just like this. We are prepared and will stay safe. I will update the blog twice a day so you will know how we are doing. As of now, we just ate quesadillas and im going to take a everything is groovy out here in the deep blue.
In other news...Mom, why do you need an "alias" who is carol?


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  1. Good plan, glad to hear it. I know you have plenty of food, so no rush. Get some rest, swap some more stories, and be safe. Aloha.

  2. We are all watching the weather and sending you all the best possible juju. Glad you are being conservative sailors, and happy your boat is built the way she is! Best of luck, and safe travels!

    Mark Bettis
    S/V Shannon

  3. Thank you, Kimber for keeping us posted. Glad you all are on Shadowside. She's a fine ship. Stay safe and keep your sense of humor. You made me laugh out loud! I love you, Skipper - Burke

  4. Just looked at the wind map and it seems to me Darby is finally fading and sliding more south. By now I imagine you are getting ready for that final downwind ride into Kaneohe! How I love Kaneohe! Back in the day, the SF Bay Cal-20 fleet had team races every year against the Hawaii Cal-20 fleet; one year in SF Bay and the next in Kaneohe. What a great spot to race, to sail, to play! Kaneohe is your reward for all this wonderful hard work, sailing across the big Pacific.