Monday, June 13, 2016

Farallones Race 2016-06-11

The race was a good test of boat and crew.  Winds were light at the start and we had our usual difficult time getting out of the Gate and getting clear of point Bonita.  Wind came up in the afternoon first 10 - 15 then stiffened to 15 - 20 out of the NW. We then had a great sail out and around the SE Farallones Island which we left to Starboard at about 2035.  Unfortunately do the light air at the start and the direction of the wind, it was a long trip out.  We were chugging along on a broad reach when the wind died after sunset.  We knew we couldn't make the time limit so we called the Coast Guard to relay a message to the Race Committee that we abandoned the Race and headed home under power. Had a nice hot lasagna dinner! The wind picked up substantially as we approached the Gate and we had a great sail in 15 - 20 winds from the Bridge to Berkeley.  We had a bit of trouble finding the Berkeley Pier.  After a challenging docking at BYC due to the position of a boat at the guest dock and the wind, we landed at 0330.