Wednesday, July 20, 2016

If this isn't nice I dont know what is

Today was great. The sun came out with blue sky, and the Big P was a deep crystal azure. The winds were favorable 20knts and we sailed the entire day wing n wing clogging along t 7-8 knot. Jorge did his job and kept us on course, while we talked about movies and conspiracy theories and traveling in Tokyo. Did you know we didn't actually ever land on the moon AND that octopus are smarter than a 5th grader?
Today was captain Lad's bday, which we somehow overlooked his wife's hints to alert us. We were able to gather some items together and have a nice time out in the cockpit just before sunset. The moon and stars also appeared. Kathy and I watched the full bright moon dip and dive behind clouds in a dramatic fashion. Mars is visible too. This is the Pacific Ocean night sky I've been waiting for! A squall blew through and knocked Kathy and I out of our moon daze, Winds picked up to 33 knots and we had full main and headsail flying. It was a hairy few minutes but the boat and crew are fine. The squalls will be occurring with regularity the closer we get to Hawaii. Did I mention Hawaii is far? Its is the most remote chain of islands ON EARTH I am told. Farther away from land than any other islands. We sre more than halfway, and can see the finish line approaching here in just a few days. Stay tuned in. And for those of you leaving comments, we love them but cannot respond back. But keep cheering us on and saying hi, we love it.
I'm going to go back on my 2am watch now and look at the night sky in the middle of the ocean. If this isn't nice....

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