Monday, August 8, 2016

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The Stayail is Up

Good Morning,

31-11 N 157-47 W
SOG 5.6 kn COG 350
Wind 070 TWS 9.8
Seas Calm Weather Clear and Sunny

Yesterday and today have been great sailing days with moderate to light NE winds as we work our way through the back side of the High.

I awoke this morning to the sound of the staysail winch on the cabin top above my head. I stuck my head out of the hatch to find Lee and Don smiling in the morning sun. One look at the winch and I knew the Staysail was flying.

The Shadowside is a cutter rigged ketch. This means she has two masts and two forestays. The Jib Forestay carries a large roller furling headsail. The Inner Forestay carries a smaller sail called a staysail.

Now there are few things that are as satisfying to a skipper than to come on watch and find the Boat rigged and sailing in optimum form for the wind and sea conditions. The Staysail gives us an additional half kn of speed over the ground. Its also just a thing of beauty to see a fine ketch with under full sail. Excellent work Lee and Don.

Have a great day!


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