Monday, July 18, 2016

Mind the nachos!

We re all wondering when the sun is going to come out. Its been cloudy and overcast for days and nights now. Every so often the sun or moon will show themselves and we are washed in a brilliant light across the sea. But, even in the absence of the sun and stars, The Big P (Pacific Ocean) is so beautiful. We are currently on a down wind slot running with the main alone until watch change and we will set the jib u for wing on wing which should give us an extra knot of speed. Even while typing this in the nav station, I am being flung side to side with the pitch of each wave. These last few days we have all gotten a fair amount of bruises. Alejandro made nachos for lunch yesterday and they we amazing. While we were chowing down, and probably because we were cowing down, we jibed. "Mind the nachos!" I yelled. Cause, when as sea, you need to watch out for precious resources.

We are halfway and are going to celebrate today! We are also working on posting some pictures, but its been low priority cause we are exhausted from this washing machine of a course we have been on for 24 hours. Ocean sailing is exhausting and at times down right hrd. BUT BUT BUT...then you go sit in the cockpit and watch the waves and move cross the sea with only the wind, literally in the middle of nowhere. Its serene, sublime and surreal, and worth every bruise and lost hour of sleep.

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