Thursday, July 21, 2016

Darnit Darby!!!

Ok friends and family. Thank you for your concern for us and looking out as tropical Storm Darby is messing up our Mai Tai plans. Rest assured that we are taking precautions. The Pacific Cup staff has been in great communication with all boats and we are receiving regular weather updates. Currently Shadowside is slowing down. We have put double reef in the mainsail and shortened the jib. This will make us slow down and also ready us for any nasty squalls during the night that Darby is spitting our way. There will be more info on the Pac Cup website, but know that all boats are taking precautions and we will resume the race as soon as it is safe to do so. Shadowside might be the ONLY full keeled battle ax of a bat in the entire fleet. All of the reasons we are the slowest boat in the race, also make us the safest in storm conditions. Everyone on board has sailed and trained for storms just like this. We are prepared and will stay safe. I will update the blog twice a day so you will know how we are doing. As of now, we just ate quesadillas and im going to take a everything is groovy out here in the deep blue.
In other news...Mom, why do you need an "alias" who is carol?


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Lad's Birthday Shadowside Pac Cup Limerick

There was a young sailor named Lad
Who wanted the best to be had.
His crew must be limber--
So soon he found Kimber--
Which made all the other boats mad!

Alejandro was loyal and true,
Add to that he could cook and could crew.
He signed up on the ketch,
Found how quick she could fetch,
And away to the galley he flew.

Kathy preferred to just drive.
When asleep, was she dead or alive?
She woke up at the wheel
And steadied the heel
Through numerous Shadowside jibes.

This crew drove her fast through the ocean.
Not distressed, not at all, by her motion.
She rocked them to sleep
With the minimum creak
All happy that Lad had the notion.

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"No one will ever believe you"

Bill Murray walks into a diner, takes a fry off a guys plate and says "no one will ever believe you". That's the theme of tonight's blog. Shadowside is perfectly balance right now. We have her rigged with a reefed main and jib and the wind is directly aft of us propelling us down waves at great speed. Squalls have been blowing through and we even reached 9.5 over ground! We have a little more than 700 miles yet to go and a small storm to the south of us we are keeping our eyes on. Alejandro and I dragged our legs off the starboard side of the bow today and let our feet get hit by waves. We giggled every time they got us. The water was blue and perfect and I got hit by a flying fish. We are still currently last in our division, but we re hoping that because we are sailing one of the slowest heaviest boats in the fleet, that we will still rank on corrected tie. The faster boats are cruising ahead of us, but if we keep chugging along, we still have a shot to rank. Regardless, we are having fun and enjoying some great sailing. Jorge is doing 90% of the steering now, as he actually is more accurate than we are. The wind vane is a remarkable piece if technology. It uses the wind to transfer energy to direct and steer a rudder hung off the transom of the boat. t uses zero electricity and can steer 24/7 forever. We love Jogre. He allows us to eat lunch and attend to other things, like, well, sitting in the cockpit and talking about what other movies has Sally Field been in recently.

Ok folks, I hope everything is good out there in the real world. I know we are excited to be able to talk to our loved ones soon, but also reluctant to enter back into the real world. We have zero idea what is happening outside of this boat. Our lives revolve around wind, waves and gps coordinates. Oh, and Bill Murray came aboard and stole a fry.

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