Thursday, July 21, 2016

Lad's Birthday Shadowside Pac Cup Limerick

There was a young sailor named Lad
Who wanted the best to be had.
His crew must be limber--
So soon he found Kimber--
Which made all the other boats mad!

Alejandro was loyal and true,
Add to that he could cook and could crew.
He signed up on the ketch,
Found how quick she could fetch,
And away to the galley he flew.

Kathy preferred to just drive.
When asleep, was she dead or alive?
She woke up at the wheel
And steadied the heel
Through numerous Shadowside jibes.

This crew drove her fast through the ocean.
Not distressed, not at all, by her motion.
She rocked them to sleep
With the minimum creak
All happy that Lad had the notion.

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  1. OMG, this limerick is the best ever! You are so creative. Some (?) would say that Lad had more than a notion - some (?) would say he's had an obsession, but never mind! I love your posts. Makes the waiting easier here on shore. Thank you! - Burke

  2. Bravo Shadowside! From a Tiki J shore crew member

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