Thursday, August 18, 2016

Shadowside Update 8/16

Good Day,

We are now proceeding in light air toward our next Rout Waypoint at 47-15 N and 139-00 W. Sailing in light air with calm sea.

Last night it was Tuna Sliders for dinner. A little later the singing of show tunes was heard from the cockpit.

Today we are working hard to keep the Shadowside moving in the right direction. The crew is also using the light air to take salt water showers and do laundry. Even at sea the details of daily living do not go away.

Here are some boat life pictures.

Have a great day!


Position Update

Good Morning,

08/17/16 07:47 HST
43-50 N 142-07 W
SOG 4.6 kn COG 017 M
Wind 6.0 kn @ 114 M
Cloudy and Calm


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