Saturday, August 6, 2016


Behold Lee the Fishermen! Thank you Lee!

Fishing and Noon Sightings

Hello to everyone out there on solid ground! We're doing great here at has been lovely and winds steady from the east between 15-20 knots. We've been on a starboard tack for four days, which means we're living our lives on a slant. You can imagine how difficult it is to do everyday tasks, like cooking and using the bathroom when leaning and sliding to the left while also bumping up and down with the ocean swell. It's taken a few days, but we're getting our sea legs! Today we're determined to catch a fish. We're hunting a big one, not just some little guppy. We're trolling our line and hoping for sushi in our future. We're also keeping ourselves busy by trying to take a noon sighting using the ancient technology, the sextant. After much trial and error, we've concluded that we're lucky for GPS and that those ancient mariners had mad skills. Well, that's all for now. Check back in soon for more adventures from the middle of the Pacific. We love you all and miss you.


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Finding our Way

Sun Rise

Good Morning!

Saturday 08/06/16
07:50 HST
27-24 N 157-48 W
SOG 5.9 kn COG 002
Wind 075 @ 14.6 kn

Dawn brings the sun and a new day after a very dark night. Yesterday was a good day of sailing. We are now 362.7 NM north of HI.

Molly, Lee and Michelle spent the two days prior to our departure preparing food and vacuum bagging it in individual portions. Last night we had a sumptuous dinner around 20:00. Put the bags to boil in our pressure cooker. No fuss no mess! I had the curry, excellent!

Crew and skipper doing well.


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