Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Spinnakers and meatballs

Hello friends and family from the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Shadowside's current position is N 33 44.880 by W 127 59.634 with a speed over ground of 8.1. We enjoyed much calmer seas today after having our feet put to the fire the first night with much gustier wind and a big sea state. Shadowside is taking good care of us and we are all enjoying sailing a ketch rigged boat with all of the sail configurations we can make. The crew is in good spirits and have settled into life on a 40' boat. With some of the crew having a hard time eating the first 24 hours, our first meal was a real blessing. Pasta and meatballs! For those of you that have never tried to cook at sea, just know that any meal preparation is a trial of defying gravity.
We have set up our 5th crew member, who we have named George. George is a Hydrovane self steering system that will steer the boat for us while we sit there and look at waves, make sail changes, or just try not to spill our morning cup of coffee all over the place. We love George and imagine he speaks in the third person like that Seinfeld episode. "George loves sailing!" We will try to update the blog daily, so stay tuned to more tales of adventure. Until then, know (mom) that we are safe and having a great time. Don't forget you can comment on the blog and we will receive your messages.

Adios and good night from the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

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