Thursday, June 23, 2016

Navigation #4 About the Blog

The most important communication tool that we will have along during the race is this blog.
The blog's name is "Shadowside Pacific Cup 2016", and it is located at:
We can post contributions every day giving the boat's latitude and longitude, course and speed, weather and morale, adventures, made up stories, etc. We can even post pictures. All this is possible using email over the Single Side Band Marine radio.

What's equally important is that anyone who wants to communicate with us only needs to submit a comment to the blog and it will be relayed on to us, also by email. Of course, all these communications are public and not suited for private subjects. So, go to the blog and check it out. Make a comment.

Post a contribution if you want. Just send an email to: The subject line will be used as the title.  The body will be used as the blog content. Any photos (dumbed down to 96dpi) that are included in the text or attached will also appear in the blog. Using the blog at sea is WAY simpler than everyone trying to send and receive individual emails from a list of friends every day.

For reference, my website has links to seven completed Pacific Cup blogs and two Transpac blogs.
It also has a "celestial" link that you might find interesting, and a "FAQ".

If the blog is really good it can be inverted into a published document. I did this in 2007 and the book is available at: