Friday, July 22, 2016

These cookies are making me thirsty

N25.36 W148.45 We've have been redirected by the race committee to a way point that is 100 miles away from the storm. All boats that are close enough to get to Hawaii by Saturday are safe to cross in front of Darby, all other boats still racing will proceed with caution and head toward Hawaii Sunday morning. This will make our eta into Hawaii Wednesday morning. The communication boat "Rapture" has been giving us regular weather updates.
The crew is a little tired after a rocky night SLOWLY bobbing around in the ocean. The moon was incredible and the stars were twinkling. We woke up this morning with a beautiful sunrise and very mild conditions. We are headed to the way point and will catch up on sleep and start counting down the days till mai tais. We are safe and in the cockpit making Seinfeld jokes per usual. All is well. Hawaii is far.

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  1. Best of luck guys. Hang in there. Think mai tais.

  2. Glad to hear all is well......yes Hawaii is far. What a journey. I hope you don't miss
    All race parties!