Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Wind Dance

Good day!

104.8 NM out from landfall at Cape Flattery.

You will recall that just a day ago we were motor sailing through light winds. So we (Michelle, Molly and I) decided that we needed a wind dance. As Skipper the task was given to me to choreograph such a dance. As we started in Hawaii, it was appropriate to do a hula. If we would have started in New Zealand, we could have done a haka!

The Shadowside Wind Dance begins with the dancers facing NW. The Dancers extend their hands and turn their palms up gently inviting the wind by rhythmically moving their hands toward their bodies. Next the Dancers portray a gentle wind by turning their palms down and extending their hands in a smooth waving motion. While waving the Dancers slowly turn from the NW to the N and then two our course line to the E. Finally, the Dancers invoke a stronger wind by amplifying their hand and arm movements until on the last movement they strongly extend their hands and arms toward Cape Flattery.

So, late yesterday afternoon the Shadowside Dancers (Michelle, Molly and Lad) performed the Shadowside Wind Dance with great energy! Unfortunately, no pictorial record exists of this unique custom.

Did it work you ask?

Last evening the wind began to rise. At first 15 knots, then 17 knots and we put two reefs in the main. When your captain's watch ended at 02:00 HST the wind was hovering around 20 knots and the sea was running about 6 feet from the NW.

At 03:30, the below deck crew was called to the deck. It was blowing 25 knots and the seas were running at 10 feet. We quickly dropped the Main Sale and furled the Jib down to about half. The Shadowside then charged through the night under Furled Jib and full Mizzen. Winds reached a hight 34.5 knots with seas about 12 feet. Ah! the Shadowside is truly a wonderful sailing vessel!!!!

As I write these words we are skimming along toward Cape Flattery under full sail at 6.6 knots with 18.5 knots of wind and 5 foot seas.

Its a good thing we did not do a haka - we would have likely summoned a full gale!

Have a great day!


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  1. Skipper, Jason reminded me that one of the first boats you raced was called the Windancer! You have come full circle! I am so sorry no one filmed the dance. It worked! See you soon. Love you all - Burke

  2. The dance must have been glorious...Glad the wind gods responded so promptly...awaiting to hear that you've made land sailing...Shadyside must be a beautiful vessel skimming thru those seas...Love to all...especially my dancing daughter Molly

  3. Love reading all of these updates!! Please let Molly know that her sister loves her, is so impressed by this journey and sends her all my best!! I hope your journey continues to be fun, safe and successful!

  4. UH, Just read "WIND DANCE", suggestion: Belay the dancing until dockside as you guys are a bit too powerful !! LMAO