Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Good Morning,

08/10/16 07:45 HST
34-16 N 157-22 W
SOG 5.2 kn COG 008 M
Wind 13.0 @ 076 M
Clear and Calm

Well here we are Day 8. The wind came up yesterday afternoon and stayed steady through the night. As expected it is moving into the east allowing us to bend our course to the NE.

Now what do you do for days on end, heeled over on starboard tack while crossing the back side of the Pacific High. Your right, watching!

Life aboard is ruled by the watch Schedule. Each of us is on watch three times a day, usually for 4 hours. Two of us stand watch at any one time. Our watches overlap in a way that gives each of us time to be on watch with each other.

While on duty, we watch everything, the sea, the weather, the sails, the performance of George, IG and Charles P.. Occasionally we have to adjust something or change sail or the course. But, mostly we watch and have interesting conversations and just enjoy being out at sea.

When we go off watch, we head for our bunks. Its hard to get a good sleep 3 hours at a time. We each feed ourselves breakfast and lunch and of course there are snacks.

Dinner is one of our favorite times each day. We do it at change of watch so that we can all gather together. Our boil and bag provisioning lets us have a good meal with very little cleanup.

Last night was another great night of sailing, clear skies and stars. We are very fortunate to have good winds for this part of the Voyage.

Have a great day!


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  1. These blog posts are so informative and helpful! Thank you! Have you gotten to see any of the Perseid meteor showers? Apparently they peak Thursday and Friday night and the crew who are on watch after midnight will get quite a show. They are supposed to be really amazing this year. My love, Burke

  2. Glad to hear the winds have picked up..night sailing must be an awesome experience...the skies must be alive with all those stars and no ambient light to ruin the sight...brings our existence into perspective...this blog truly is great...very informative. Enjoying this "trip" immensely...thanks...Love to my Molly and to all her shipmates

  3. Meteor shower Thurs/Fri night? Do you sing camp songs? Bet you wish you a real ENTOURAGE on board.

    1. ENTOURAGE was supposed to be ENTP. Lad can explain to the crew that the "P" stands for PERFECT.