Sunday, August 21, 2016

Turning for Home

Good day,

This morning at 09:00 HST and after sailing 2170 NM from HI, the Shadowside turned East for the final leg of our voyage to landfall at Cape Flattery with 462 NM to go.

It continues to be a great voyage. Last night we came through a cold front with quite a bit of rain. Today the sun is back out and we have a crystal clear, cloudless sky.

Every evening at 17:00 HST we check in with the Pacific Seafarers Net, which is a ham radio net that servers sailors like us who are out at sea. We have made new friends with Peter Z1PWM who is located in the Bay of Islands in North New Zealand, Jane NH7TZ who is located on the Island of Kauai HI and Randy located on the Big Island HI. I want to say thank you to the dozen or so land based stations which participate in the net every day. They are there to log our position, relay messages to other stations, help with medical or other emergencies, or to patch us into a phone call.

It is quite pleasing to your skipper, who installed the radio gear, to be able to hear and be heard loud and clear all the way to NZ.

Unfortunately, we are running out of pictures. We keep hoping for a whale or a big ship or something else of interest to send you.

Have a great day,


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  1. Great to know that your preparatio for this journey have included the sailor's version of "belt & suspenders". Excellent planning and just another reason for those awaiting your return to be further assured of safety plus a wonderful experience!

    Nancy I.

  2. Not to worry about the pictures...your words suffice...the journey has been wonderful to follow...eastward bound sounds remainder of this journey...Love to my Molly and the crew....fair skies and good winds...thanks