Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Wind is Up


The Shadowside is reaching straight down the course line to Cape Flattery which is just 237 NM away. The wind came up this afternoon. We are doing 7.3 knots over the ground in 20 knots of wind, which is about as fast as the Shadowside will go.

What do you do when the wind comes up?

If the wind is blowing 15 knots or less. We will be under full sail which includes:Jib, Staysail, Main and Mizzen. As the wind comes up we need to shorten sail to depower the Boat. At 15 knots we strike the staysail. At 17 knots we shorten the Mainsail by putting in th first reef and furl in some of the Jib.

At 20 knots of sustained wind, we put a second reef in the Main and furl in more of the Jib. At 24 knots of sustained wind, we lower the Main altogether and sail under furled jib and Mizzen. Oh the beauty of a Ketch, so many sail combinations to choose from! So far on this voyage, we have flown every sail except the Mizzen Staysail and Storm Staysail.

We are anticipating landfall at Cape Flattery early in the afternoon (PDT) on Thursday. We are planning a fuel stop in Neah Bay. We should reach Port Townsend by midday Friday-- if the wind stays up!

Here are some great pictures of Molly reefing the main.

Best wishes,



  1. Hey, I was right about the wind! I do feel like part of the shore crew for the Shadowside! Your blog posts are wonderful. So helpful and informative. In a way, I am sad to see this incredible journey end, Skipper. My love, Burke

  2. When on-deck, is a crew member always tethered, like a hi-rise construction worker? Do life jackets have a GPS finder? You will write a book, please. I feel like a matey on your adventure. Wayne

  3. Glad you're making great progress...way to go Molly..looking like a seasoned sea tar....this journey has been amazing to me and I've enjoyed every minute of these blog postings..thanks to captain and crew....Love you Molly...be safe