Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The View from the Helm

Good Day,

Well, I know your getting tired of my "another perfect sailing day posts". However, I just report the sailing conditions, I don't create them. However if I could, I would create just what we have! Here are a couple of pictures from the Shadowside's helm station that tell it all!

Best wishes,



  1. I will never tire of hearing your good news! Sail on, Shadowside! - from the other, lesser Helm - Burke

  2. Just so you know, like Burke, I will never tire of hearing about a wonderful day at sea! I was in Texas and out of the loop for awhile, so finally had a chance to catch up on the blogs. That fish you caught looked like it must have been a very tasty dinner. And one question, did everyone go for a swim? Lad, did you? The water sure seemed inviting in those pictures.
    Foggy and gray in the City...
    Happy sailing, Shadowside!

  3. I challenge you to describe the water WITHOUT using the word "blue." Gorgeous.

  4. This is EXACTLY as described: "another perfect sailing" post. Even after living in Hawaii for years long ago, I couldn't imagine bluer water - nor more radiant skies!! Thanks for the "Wally Middy" voyeuristic experience. Wow ...

    Nancy I.