Saturday, August 20, 2016

Continuing Voyage of the Sailing Vessel Shadowside.

Good day!

At 03:33 this morning the Klingon's attacked from the East. Oops wrong movie!

Another day on the Shadowside. I awoke this morning to an overcast sky. We are sailing along at 6.3 knots on our rout NE toward our turning point for Cape Flattery. About 23:00 today will reach 48-30 N and make our turn for the Cape. Hard to predict yet when we will make landfall at the Cape. Could be Wednesday night. Could be sooner if wind holds up. I will keep you updated. Just put the final set of way points into the chart plotter all the way to PT. The end of the voyage is in sight. At least on the Chart.

Life here continues to be good. Although, crew is getting a little tired. Everyone is in their bunk as soon as their watch is over and some have been seen snoozing on watch.

You can tell we are N of latitude 45. Now need several layers at night to stay warm. At least one trip below during watch to warm up.

It is serprising how fast the days go. And it is quite pleasant watching the sea go by and hearing the sounds of the Shadowside cutting through the water. At night, I have the sensation of flying across the sea. Amazing how vast this ocean is!

Here are some pictures of life at sea.

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  1. Quiet Sunday morning on the east coast....a bit cooler after yesterday's thunder storms...street flooding and all...Glad you're progressing along...with good winds and gentle seas...the night pictures are super.. really hi lights the beauty of the sea...keep blogging...Love reading about this trek....Love to Molly and the entire safe

  2. Glad to hear that this sea journey continues to provide you with the joy of solitude & the pleasure of riding the waves on Shadowside. Sail on, Captain ...

    Nancy I.