Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Charles P and the Iron Genny

Good Morning,

32-18 N 157-13 W
SOG 4.0 kn COG 330 M
Wind 4.7 kn @ 080

The Shadowside is making its way through the backside of the High. The wind deserted us yesterday afternoon.

In the days of the fine wooden sailing ships the ritual of sticking a knife in the main mast was used to summon the wind. Not so easy to do on a contemporary boat with aluminum masts.

By now you all know George our Hydrovane windvane. Although he is a real trooper when the wind is up, George is no help to us here. Therefore let me introduce you to the Iron Genoa and its friend Charles P Townsend. The Iron Genny is of course our own Westerbeke 40 HP Diesel Engine. IG works tirelessly on our behalf as long as we keep feeding it fuel and fresh air. IG is complemented by Charles P. our CPT Wheel Pilot. Charles P. steers us along keeping us on our magnetic course.

Both are nice to have when transiting the back side of the High! Keep up the good work IG and CP!

Have a great day,


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  1. Where is the closest ARCO or BP that sells diesel?

  2. sorry to hear the wind quit....good thing you have backups...hope your engines get you into some favorable winds soon ...surely must slow the trip down...hope you're all well and in good spirits ...safe travels

  3. Hi Lad! Greg explained Charles P to me when I noticed it in one of the cockpit pictures. Glad you have the assistance. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly on sailmail. When do you anticipate the half-way point? Is there a party planned? Miss you lots! - Burke