Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Boat Life

Well Hello Shadowside Followers,

The skies cleared yesterday evening and we are now clipping along with perfect sailing weather.

We are fortunate to be where we are as there is a big low pressure trough from WA down to the CA coast. There is a boat in front of us that will have to heave to for two or three days before they can approach Cape Flattery, The bad weather should be gone by the time we get there. Its also nice that the Crew is still getting along well. There have been some great conversations during the watches.

We are all settled into the daily rhythm of life aboard. Eating, sleeping and standing watches with a little personal time left over to read and think.

We are all just enjoying this experience as it will soon be over.

We have covered 1563 NM since we left HI with 995.7 NM to go to our landfall at Cape Flattery. Then another 85 NM to Port Townsend. We are anticipating making our landfall sometime next Tuesday or Wednesday.

We celebrated crossing the half-way point with a bottle of champagne and some fine chocolate.

So far, we have encountered one single handed sailor on his way to SF and one large ship that crossed our bow last night about 3 NM away.

Have a great day!


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  1. Sailed on Donner Lake (no extra-curricular dining required) in Tahoe last week. Nine yr old grandson was quite the skipper in our two-person Pico. Only capsized once, easy recovery with my weight on the dagger. Do I qualify to swab Shadowside's deck? Safe sailing.

  2. Glad the progress is steady and the weather's been good...Will continue following this journey...it amazes me....all be safe and wishing you further clear sailing...Love you Molly