Thursday, August 4, 2016

Back to Sea

Dear Shadowside followers,

Its been a great week in HI, spent getting the Shadowside ready to sail and catching up on sleep.

The members of the Racing Crew have gone on their way and the Return Crew have joined the Ship's Company. I am pleased to welcome Michelle, Molly, Lee and Don aboard.

Yesterday, Wednesday, August 3 we departed for the Mainland. Next stop Port Townsend Washington. This will be a 3000 Nautical mile voyage. We will sail north for about 1000 nautical miles and then turn for Cape Flattery. The wild card is the Pacific High. If good fortune smiles upon us, the High will move east and we will be able to sail around the back side of it. If good fortune frowns upon us, It will stay in its current position and we will have to motor through it.

Thursday August 4, 02;00 HST
22-27 N 167-46 W

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  1. Welcome Shadowside return crew! Thank you for the wonderful blog post, Captain - I miss you and hope good fortune smiles upon you all. - Burke

  2. Ahoy to Molly and the rest of the Shadowside crew! I hope you are all avoiding the "mal de mer" and keeping in good spirits! I will be following closely on the spot tracker and blog. Life at the alameda marina continues as expected-- a foggy mist shrouds pier three as the Svendson's crew plod methodically through their day. Paddlers, motorboats, and sailing dinghies ply the estuary as the busy work continues on coast guard island. I trudge slowly and indecisively through the chandlery with my coffee, picking out a random assortment of hardware and crossing things off my sloppily-prepared list. All is well in the universe, except it's missing the best part - my lovely and beautiful wife :-) - Ben