Sunday, August 7, 2016

Back to Dinner


From the pictures sent yesterday, you already know that Lee caught a 20lb Mahi Mahi. He also cleaned and prepared it. We feasted on fresh Scheme flowed by mahi tacos. What a great dinner!

We are now starting into the High. 12kn breeze calm sea sunny and warm.

The crew started the day with boat baths and bucket showers. Very refreshed we sail on.

Enjoy your Sunday!


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  1. Ahoy Shadowside - the pictures are wonderful, thank you! You made me hungry for seafood. Glad you got showers and fresh socks - not bad! Love you, Burke

  2. The super fresh fish sounded great. Thanks for the pictures and updates. Here in Florida, the heat broke a little to the 80's but still with a high humidity. I was able to get out of the air conditioning this evening and went for a walk. Glad to hear you are having good weather. Love you.

  3. Lad, Buckeyes pushing for "The Edge" this season. JT looking good. Hope they get clean socks more often than you. Anyone hear any whales singing at night? Wayne

  4. Fresh fish ....yummy...Glad to hear the weather's been good...quite hot and humid in the big Apple ...great golfing weather....whole crew is now clean and spiffy..good...continue with the clear sailing...keep the posts coming...enjoying them