Saturday, July 23, 2016

Circling the runway

We are still in a holding pattern. Its not a bad place to be stuck, in the middle of the most beautiful blue sky and ocean. The trades winds are gently taking us toward Hawaii but our sails are reefed n and we are limping along at 5 knots. There will be a weather briefing tonight at 8:00 and we should know then if we are allowed to continue on. At our current rate, we wont be making landfall until Tuesday morning anyhow. So unless Darby decides to stick around longer than expected, we will be taking shower and drinking mai tais on Tuesday.
It has gotten hot here and we are going to try and rig some shade on deck for the watch crew. Its also hard to sleep below during the day, so by th time we get to land I suspect this crew will be all tuckered out and sun kissed.
In the meantime, its great sailing weather and life is good.

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  1. Thanks for the great updates. I hope the report is clear sailing to Kanehoe. Let Kahty know that Levan stopped by today for a few hours. He is traveling with the President of Palau.

  2. Just getting wind of this.Happy to hear you all are well. Glad Peggy doesn't know about it. She would be loosing her mind.

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  4. Tuesday sounds just right. It is Saturday afternoon here in Hawaii and it's one misty, squally rain shower after another. There are a lot of boats scheduled to finish soon and it isn't going to be easy. Winds are building. Sunday could be a real challenge. After that everything should slack off rather suddenly.

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