Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Navigation # 8

Satellite Phone

For the Pacific Cup 2016 race we will have an Iridium-Extreme, 9575 Satellite Phone. LINK

Our phone number is  881632663215 

 We will be able to call you, send emails and text messages, and send you a link to a web site where you can view our position on a world map. Since we are not planning to leave the phone on all the time you will NOT be able to call us, but you can send us email. 

Either go to the Iridium website and use the convenient form there  LINK  or just send an email to
It is important to keep your email messages to the sat phone brief. Just one or two sentences. We have to read them on a very tiny four line screen.

If your message is to a specific person, start it out with some sort of routing info, like “To: George”.

Remember, an easy way to communicate with us (publicly) is to just make a comment to any of the blog posts. Here there are no restrictions on length and a couple paragraphs is okay. Besides appearing in the blog your comment will be sent to us on Shadowside by email.

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  1. Love the blog. Everyone safe travels. Kathy, thanks for everything!!! Fun to see your adventure plans