Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Some "Safety at Sea" notes from Eric

Kimber and I had a good day Saturday, and I took some notes in a semi-checklist format.
I bolded some items which I think are pending for us to do.


General Items to Drill and Check:
-> Crew to disclose any medical issues that we need to be sensitive to.
-> Go over Medical Kit
-> Check that jacklines run into the companionway for unclipping. Don't unclip outside companionway.
-> Drill MOB in the water. Drill with Spinnaker up.
-> Check compass calibration.
-> Practice getting into survival suits.
-> Get Hawaii, SF, Southern California Coast Guard Phone numbers on speed dial.
-> Lifesling Block and Tackle height should be around 15ft above deck to ensure that it raises the MOB above the lifeline.
  --> Check Halyard Length is sufficient to reach the water for retrieval.
-> Life Raft ISO9650. Knife opposite painter line. Don't forget to tie painter to boat -- later cut or untie.
 --> Life Jacket UL1180
-> Make 1 crew member sit out MOB drill. eg - Skipper
-> 1 Liter H2O/person/day to stay minimally hydrated
-> SF Coast Guard recommended checking BoatUS MSSID registration. Rescue 21 System.
-> Group MMSI
-> 1gram of CO2 equates to roughly 1 pound of buoyancy. 35 lbs recommended. 
-> check shoe tread -- get new shoes/boots with better tread (slip injuries)
-> idea of using extra long headfoil tape when flying storm jib (prevent stripping from track thereby)
-> beam : wave height limit to being rolled (1:1)
-> most injuries are abrasion/bruises.

-> Symbols and terminology. Tropical Depression, Tropical Storn, Hurricane. Squall Line, cold and warm fronts.
 --> Wind Direction and intensity.
 --> Find closest synoptic breeze
-> Surface Analysis/Forecast vs. 500 millibar chart

PacCup Contacts - People Met:
Wayne Koide - Encore, PacCup (Leaves a day or two after us, but will soon catch up)
John Woodworth - Single Handed Transpac (Leaves a week before us)
Michael Moradzadeh - Onyx Santa Cruz 50 
Glen Margolis - Ardea - Tartan 37. Direct Competitor. https://pacificcup.org/16/entry/ardea

Sincerely, Eric

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